Gold Heart Toggle Necklace - White Gold Tahitian Pearl.

Gold Heart Toggle Necklace

gold heart toggle necklace

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Autumn's Heart Necklace

Autumn's Heart Necklace

I just made this yesterday, and I simply love it. I made it for my upcoming fall collection that I should have up later on this month.

The pendant is made of african jade, shaped in a heart, copper dyed freshwater pearls, and czech glass marble opq. with a gold plated metal toggle clasp complete this beautiful necklace.



See my profile for more info and my etsy site!

A gorgeous vintage inspired necklace on two gold toned chains. The necklace features 5 unique handmade ribbon "beads" and 4 aqua blue round beads. It closes in the front with a heart shaped toggle clasp.

gold heart toggle necklace

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